For Sale: 1960 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab

1960 Dodge Power Wagon CREW CAB

File this one under awesome! Check out this one-of-a-kind 1960 Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab for sale on eBay! Dubbed the “Power Giant”, according to the seller this model was only produced from 1957-1960. The truck has an all stock Poly 318 with a rebuilt top end, original 4-speed manual transmission, and transfer case. The truck started it’s life as a western truck before get having coachwork done to turn it into a crew cab. According to the seller, the company that performed the coachwork is the same company that has done previous work for Legacy Power Wagons. The interior has been left pretty much stock and the bed has stainless and oak strips in it. For more information and photos, check out the listing on eBay. There are 6 days left on the auction with the current high bid at $6,900. The reserve has not yet been met.